Tower of Babel: Ouranic Histories: Echo and the Malachim–Book I (ePub)



The city of Babel has become a bustling city renown across the known regions. With its famed Tower nearing completion, the excitement of its grandeur has already given way to ambition for global domination amongst the Elders. Urarmar, the only son of Elder Raltharaz is being groomed to replace his father. But the best and brightest son of the Japhethite Elder may find himself projected along a path against his father’s wishes.
Behind all the city’s politics, something sinister and far more dangerous looms. A powerful supernatural being called Moloch desires to control the city. In opposition is a team of guardians sworn to protect humans. In the center of this brewing conflict stands Echo, lone guardian of Urarmar. As the lines are drawn, what will the fate of Babel be with its massive Tower?

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