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We all need stories in our lives. That’s why we read novels, see movies, and tell tales of our past experiences over pints of beer. Likewise, we need sages in our lives, those whose experiences and knowledge enhance the way we understand our world and ourselves. My vocation has made me a contributor to this need. In stories we can see elements of ourselves and our minds can use the information to make connections in our own lives. So here, the adventure can begin for you. Follow me as I build the world of “Ouranic Histories” from the “Echo and the Malachim” series to the short story anthologies surrounding the novels.


Mythos for Kindle Here           Mythos for ePub Here



Tower of Babel for Kindle Here     Tower of Babel for ePub Here


Hyksos Rising for Kindle Here     Hyksos Rising for ePub Here


Hellas and the Theohedron for Kindle Here

Hellas and the Theohedron for ePub Here

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