Welcome to T. M. Williams’ Author Site. Here you can get updates regarding book releases, things I’m reading and reflecting on, as well as how to order books I have published. Feel free to share this page with your friends on Facebook or Google+ and follow me on Facebook at Ouranic Histories. Whether it is fantasy or non-fiction, I will have a variety of publications coming soon to a purchasing platform near you.

About Me

As a child I was always enamored with the stories of Greek Mythology and fantasy movies such as Legend, Willow, and Labyrinth. I was adventurous, along with my friends. We were always clamoring for the epic adventure beyond the parameters set by our parents where I grew up in Southern Illinois. Though I still enjoy a nice adventure from time to time, many of my adventures are lived out and shared through writing.

While pursuing a degree in History at SIU-C, I stumbled into a Classics Major as well (Greek and Roman culture, language, etc). I finished college with a dual major in Classics and History. That led me into grad school where I studied Divinity which included the ancient mythologies surrounding the Bible. Since then, I have traveled to parts of Central and Western Europe as well as Peru in South America.

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