Character Profile #27: Itonia


As part of the Olympian Heavenlies assigned to protect and defend Hellas, Itonia is the overseer of her city’s namesake. Though she prefers a feminine form, Itonia is not to be viewed as weak. She can be a powerful ally or formidable foe. Her oversight allowed King Cecrops to bring great peace and stability to the Kingdom of Itonia. Much of the prosperity enjoyed by the kingdom was rumored to come from the secret contents of a box entrusted to the king by Itonia.

Tragically, all of Cecrops’ children, three daughters, viewed the forbidden object. Each one was driven mad and plunged themselves to their deaths from a high precipice. Cecrops later developed a skin disease that caused inordinate shedding of his skin. It was so bad that people began to rumor he was turning a human-serpent hybrid. As the years went on, Cecrops became reclusive, but his possession of the box and its contents continued to lead Itonia into prosperity. If Cecrops had an heir to continue on the throne, Itonia would have passed the box and its contents to them. However, since Cecrops was likely to die without an heir, the box and its contents were to be returned to Brontios through his preferred oracle in the sacred grove of Dodona.

Such a mission would require able troops with a strong leader accompanied by a host of heavenlies. That is why Zagreus is selected to take the box to Dodona, a two week trip. A member of Zagreus’ team is Kethos, guarded by the heavenly named Echo. Other men in the team were also protected by heavenlies. Thus a two week mission begins with a gathering of humans and heavenlies to fulfill the wishes of Brontios. The failure of which is punishable by death.

Amidst the 2 week journey, Zagreus, Kethos, and the others are faced with impossible challenges, crafty foes, and monsters and demons born out of legends and myths. With all the hardship and conflict that awaits them, humans and heavenlies both wonder “What is inside the box?” Could it be Zeus’ thunderbolt? A magical amulet? Or even the Theohedron itself?

See what role Itonia plays in protecting the kingdom of her namesake and in defending Hellas against the onslaught of monsters, demons, witches, and other preternatural powers in “Hellas and the Theohedron.”

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