Character Profile #22: Zagreus



Zagreus is the commander of a band of mercenaries in “Hellas and the Theohedron.” He began in the military of Itonia and proved to be a capable commander among the ranks. He left the military after getting passed over for an important commander position due to political maneuvering. From there, he decided to use his skills for profit as a mercenary. Now he leads a band of mercenaries on missions for anyone who will pay. As a no-nonsense military commander, he has little time for foolish talks of myths and speculations, often chiding his men for telling fanciful tails. His main motivation now is to get the jobs done and get the money.

Being in Itonia at the appropriate time, Zagreus’ men are called upon to deliver a box containing a mysterious item to an ancient and fabled oracle, the failure of which meant death. What looks to be a two-week assignment quickly turns into a chase to regain stolen items while simultaneously fleeing Itonian troops sent on suspicion of defection. Zagreus leads his men through harrowing encounters involving exotic Amazonian warrior women, evil witches, demons, dark gods, and beasts of all sorts.

Zagreus is a sober-minded, unrelenting commander whose men look up to him in respect. He leads well by allowing his men to exercise their own strengths and insights, but leaves no doubt he is the commander.

Eventually, Zagreus will have to lead his men in regaining their stolen items and face the ensuing soldiers sent to kill them. Will Zagreus keep a handle on the leadership of his men while being simultaneously predator and prey? How will his leadership play out when they encounter monsters, giants, and gods he’d only ever dismissed as superstitious?


I hope you enjoyed this little insight from Zagreus. In a world of gods and monsters, it’s not easy being a commander of men. To see more of Zagreus in action, join him in “Hellas and the Theohedron” on a mission fill with magic, monsters, angels, demons, and more. Get your digital copy of “Hellas and the Theohedron” for $2.99 throughout August ’18 here. After that it goes back to $6.99. For a hard copy, go here.

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