Character Profile #21: Kethos



Kethos is our main human protagonist. He is called “Mothake” by some of his compatriots. Mothake was a term used to describe non-citizen members of the Kingdom of Sparta. Mothake weren’t given the right to vote or hold office, but were allowed to serve as soldiers in the military.

As a result, Kethos had decided to leave Sparta and join up with a mercenary group headed by Zagreus, as disgruntled Itonian military commander who turned mercenary after getting passed over for a major promotion.

Kethos is a trained soldier, as are his fellow mercenaries. Though he is skilled in combat, he doesn’t take failure and setbacks well. When things look bleak or when he’s feeling down, he turns to wine to deal with the frustration. If he’s encountered a performance setback, he will often resort to drinking contests, most of which he never wins. He is all too familiar with getting tossed into water troughs.

He is interested in gaining money and glory for his skills. He has determined that the best way to do that is to be part of Zagreus’ mercenary band.

During their life or death mission to take a box containing a mysterious artifact to a famous oracle, Kethos encounters a very exotic, yet deadly group of Amazonian women led by Penelope. After having their supplies looted by the Amazonians, Zagreus leads his men in a chase to get their supplies back, as well as the mysterious artifact.

Zagreus, Kethos and the rest of the men encounter powerful witches, mythical monsters, and the Olympians themselves as they strive to accomplish their mission.


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