“Hellas and the Theohedron” Nearing Publication

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It’s been a long time coming, but book III of my Ouranic Histories: Echo and the Malachim novel series is almost available. Below I’d like to share with you some of the process in getting book III “Hellas and the Theohedron” written and published. I’d want to focus on 3 things pertaining to the book’s creation. 1. Researching the book. 2. Writing the book. 3. Finding an editor and cleaning up the manuscript.

Researching the Book

Even before writing the first novel in the series, “Tower of Babel” I knew I wanted my books to span the length of human history. I knew it would be an epic historical fantasy, not focused on one particular time, place, human characters. After writing “Tower of Babel” and “Hyksos Rising”, I knew I needed to make book III in ancient Greek civilization. However, I couldn’t put it in the time frame when the mythical accounts were written down, because by then, there would be very little ability to work with the Greek monsters. So I decided to set the time a few generations after “Hyksos Rising.” This puts me in a time frame where the Greek myths were supposed to have occurred. Having it set before anything was recorded, I am able to play with the creatures a bit better as well as explore the different aspect of Greek deities within the framework of the Ouranic Histories Mythos.

In researching, I actively looked for pre- and non-classical names for many of the characters. I also looked at pre-classical names of cities and ports, since it all takes place way before the classical Greek era. As a result, I have a pretty impressive glossary and some maps in the back to help identify strange elements.

Writing the Book

In writing the book, I wanted to take a break from the political worlds of “Tower of Babel” and “Hyksos Rising”. Pulling a small bit of inspiration from the remake “Clash of the Titans” (which included exactly zero titans by the way), I made book III a more action based book full of chases, races, fights, magic, and mysticism. In future books, I’ll be working on fusing these elements to the more detailed political aspects of Books I & II.

Writing book III was a blast. Having part of my bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies, books III and the “in process” book IV will contain elements in one of my primary fields of focus. In the other books, I get excited about writing them because I’m also learning the ancient world as I’m writing them. In these two books, I am excited because those worlds are already in my wheelhouse of knowledge, so I’m kinda already home there.

Even though I had always been enamored with mythology, I learned so much more after being introduced to the works of Joseph Campbell. His exhaustive exploration on the core essence of mythology brought immense insight into the human experience as well as societal needs. I was amazed to learn that Star Wars had the impact it did because George Lucas used Campbell’s work as a template. Something resonated with Star Wars fans because it touched something inherent to our humanity. If you haven’t heard of Joseph Campbell, I would recommend reading two books. The first is “The Power of Myth.” This was a transcribed interview between Campbell and Bill Moyer, a PBS special program host. The second is Campbell’s iconic work “Hero With a Thousand Faces.” In “Hero…” Campbell looks at religions and mythologies around the world and distills them down to their core essences. Then he offers a character profile of the “Hero’s Journey.” To get introduced to Joseph Campbell, you can check out the Joseph Campbell Foundation site here.

In the end, writing this book was fun, easy, and exciting. After writing 2 novels, I believe my third is the best expression of my writing yet.

Editing and Cleanup

This is frankly the least exciting part of the process. I sat on this book for almost 5 years simply because I couldn’t afford an editor. Even though I had gone through it myself and cleaned a good bit of it up, the book was still in need of a professional examination. Fortunately, I was introduced to an editor at a time when I had some money to spend. I was able to get it cleaned up this year. In fact, I have just recently finished cleaning up all the editorial suggestions. My next step is to get a book cover designed. After that, Book III “Hellas and the Theohedron” will be available for purchase.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the “Ouranic Histories: Echo and the Malachim” series. I anticipate it to be an 8 volume series. Publishing “Hellas and the Theohedron” leaves me with five more books to write.

While you’re waiting for the release of book III, if you haven’t already, you can get caught up to the storyline by reading “Tower of Babel” and “Hyksos Rising.”


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