The Making of Book III: Thoughts from the Author

The idea for each of my books is to take place in the major empires/civilizations that Western Civilization has descended from. I try to write each character through the lens of their world view and to consider the effects of politics on their lives. Additionally, I have placed supernatural beings (Ouranic and Exiled Heavenlies), or what is known today as angels and demons. The concept in the book is that humans are both physical and spiritual creatures, but their interactions in the supernatural is limited. Their limited interactions with Ouranic and Exiled Heavenlies has given rise to their beliefs about the gods, nymphs, giants, and more. For the Greeks in this world, they have understood these Heavenlies as deities. Since Greek civilization hasn’t reached its fullest, much of their beliefs are in flux.

Time Period of Book III

Book III is based in what would be a Proto-Greek world. In each of my books, I deal with the mythologies and legends of the pertinent civilization(s). According to many of the ancient Greek sources, the world came into being about 2-3K years before. It was in this proto-Greek world where they believed the different monsters of Greek mythology came about, as well as the Pantheon of gods and the opposition of the Titans. The Heavenlies they interact with are given their synonyms. I.e. Zeus = Brontios, Poseidon = Enosichthon, Hephaestus = Klutotechneis, etc. In terms of actual time, we are looking at about 3000BC. It is actually a couple generations after the events of Book II: Hyksos Rising.

There are classic elements of Greek mythology as well as Greek hero’s quests. We come across a version of harpies, a demonic wolf, Giants, Cyclopes, witches, and oracles. We meet women of the Amazon and visit the mythic city of Atlantis.

The Plot Device

The main focus for the Heavenlies in this book is an artifact known as the “Theohedron.” It was an orb commissioned by Pantocrator for Klutotechneis to construct. It is the most powerful artifact in existence as it is comprised of part physical material, part heavenly essence, and part of Pantocrator. Somehow it made it’s way to earth and word got out to the Exiled Heavenlies. After an ancient battle, it was taken by Ouranic Heavenlies to Klutotechneis for destruction. Upon dismantling it, different shards flew across the world and landed. Humans and heavenlies slowly began to discover the shards. Each piece of the Theohedron contained a special supernatural power.

Now it is up to the four main sar-malachim: Raphael, Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel to recover the pieces and hand them over to the hesperides for safe keeping. The hesperides are ouranic beings that are multi-present, so having them guard the shards of the Theohedron is the best protection against the exiled heavenlies amassing power.

The Main Human Characters

Our main human characters fall into two groups: Greek Mercenaries and Amazonian Warriors. The mercenaries are lead by Zagreus and include our male protagonist, Kethos. The Amazonian Warriors are led by Penelope, our main female protagonist.

Zagreus’ men were tasked by the King of Itonia to deliver a sacred box to the Oracle of Dodona, a sacred oracle to Brontios. On their mission, they encounter Penelope’s band of Amazons. The Amazons are shipwrecked returning home from a mission in the western parts of the Great Sea. Stranded, they are hoping to find a way back home.

The Main Heavenlies

The two main heavenly protagonists are Echo and Uriel. There is some tension between the two as their missions collide. Echo is a malach heavenly who secretly gets his orders from Pantocrator. Uriel is a commander sar-malach who oversees the malachim assigned to the central planet. Since Echo is a malach on the central planet, he would normally be under Uriel. Both know Echo is not subject to Uriel; however, it bothers the sar-malach when their interests conflict.

The primary heavenly antagonists are three different groups. There are the watchers, lead by Azazel. There is Erebus, the mythic god of darkness. Then there is Mastema, who is growing in his ambition for more power over the central planet. They each are after greater power over humans. They are taking different approaches.

If this interests you, keep a look out for the release of Book III: Hellas and the Theohedron, later this year.

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